• PPSEAWA is active in:
    • Identifying needs and problems of women and children
    • Protecting the status of women and children
    • Promoting family and child welfare
    • Furthering education, skill training, and literacy programs for all age group
    • Working to protect and improve the environment
  • PPSEAWA sees the future in:
    • Growth of the organization both through increased membership in existing member organization and through the
              establishment of new member organization
    • Increased activity in all PPSEAWA countries
    • Increased participation in all United Nations affairs.
  • PPSEAWA has consultative status in NGO category to the United Nations Economic and Social Councils (ECOSOC), with the privilege and responsibility of making its voices heard in international decision making. The Association is represented at the United Nations, Geneva and at ESCAP, UNICEF, and UNESCO. Continued monitoring of and participation in the United Nations bodies enable PPSEAWA to inform its members and help them to identify areas where they can be of assistance and mobilise local help.