• To showcase a zero garbage city – Putrajaya by 2016
  • To promote love for the environment through activities for the next six years till 2020. PPSEAWA will work with NGOs
            and government organizations to organize various activities that will make public play their role in protecting the
  • This will include working with schools, colleges and universities, local communities and housing committees, private and
            public sectors to create awareness of the huge amount of garbage created daily.
  • Talks and competitions will be organized periodically with good prizes as incentive.
  • PPSEAWA will work with like-minded NGOs and corporations guided by government agencies.
  • Strategizing all programmes to be relevant to the subject of environment.
  • To get papers prepared on each target area and how implementation could be planned.
  • Seek expert guidance in every area of work on environment to be embarked on.

Environment related activities :

22 August 2016
  • Youth & Environment
23 August 2016
  • Women & Environment
24 August 2016
  • Local Govt, Communities & Environment
25-29 August 2016
  • Sharing Experiences and best practices
Jun 2016 - Feb 2017
  • "Say no to plastic" campaign - MOSTI / YIM